FAQ Manis

1. What is Manis?
Manis is a universal loyalty lifestyle mobile app that enables you to earn and spend points at all your favourite merchants. Simply track your spending by snapping your receipts and earn tonnes of rewards and free stuff!

2. How do I sign up for Manis?
Go to App Store or Play Store to download Manis and sign in using your Facebook account to become a Manisan!

3. Where can I find Manis T&Cs?
You can either find them on Manis app or visit our Facebook page for latest updates. The terms and conditions may be amended without further notice.

4. Who do I contact should I need assistance?
You may contact us via email at (support@getmanis.com).

Uploading Receipts

1. Can I upload any type of receipt(s)?
Not all receipts are eligible for Manis points. Kindly find the terms & conditions of receipt uploads at:
The terms and conditions may be amended without further notice.

2. What do I do if I am unable to upload a receipt?
Send us screenshots of any error messages encountered from the app/ mobile via our chat support or email and we will advice you accordingly.

3. Am I allowed to upload a receipt more than once?
No, unless requested by our Support staff for enquiry purposes.

4. What if the receipt isn’t clear? Can I still upload it?
So long as all the mandatory information is visible, your receipt will be successfully reviewed. Otherwise, it will most likely be rejected.
[Mandatory information = Merchant name, Merchant location, date of purchase & purchase amount].

5. Can I upload a receipt that does not have a receipt number?
Yes. Key in the date & time of purchase according to the format (inclusive of any special characters) into the Receipt No. field.

6. My receipt(s) is very long. What can I do to ensure all the data on the receipt(s) is clearly visible?
Fold the receipt(s) and ensure all the mandatory information and at least 1 item purchased are visible on the receipt.
[Mandatory information = Merchant name, Merchant location, date of purchase & purchase amount].

7. Can I upload receipts from a different country?

8. Can I upload receipts which I did not make a purchase for?
No. Receipts that are uploaded onto Manis are only for own consumption.

9. I am a business owner. Can I upload receipt(s) of purchases made to run my business?
No. Receipts that are uploaded onto Manis are only for own consumption.

10. Can I upload receipt(s) which were not collected by customers who visit the restaurant/ store/ outlet I work at?
No. Receipts that are uploaded onto Manis are only for own consumption.

Snap & Earn

1. What if I can’t find a merchant?
Tap on “Can’t find Stores? Enter manually” (at the bottom of the screen) and, enter the merchant’s name and location. Please be as accurate as possible to ensure high chances of getting your receipt(s) approved.

2. Upon successfully uploading my receipt(s), how long after will I know the status of my receipt(s)?
Receipts are reviewed round the clock, hence there is no timeline.
[Note: Sometimes we experience a spike in uploaded receipts which may result in delays in reviewing your receipts].

3. Do I have the right to dispute a rejected receipt?
Yes. You may get in touch with us via chat support or email.
[Note: Do not re-upload any rejected or pending receipt(s)].

4. Under what circumstances will my receipt(s) be rejected?
Other than what is stated in our T&Cs, the information you enter when you upload a receipt must be accurate, especially tagging of the merchant.

5. At any point of time, can my points be clawed back?
Yes. Manis reserves the right to perform audits on users’ accounts. If descrepancies are found, your points may be revoked. You may contact us to seek further clarification if you experience a drop in your total points.

6. Does my Manis points have an expiry date?
No. However we may amend our T&Cs from time to time.

7. Are my points transferrable to another Manis User?

8. Can I upload receipt(s) with very large amounts?
There is no limit to the purchase amount, however points awarded are capped at 500 points.

9. Is there a minimum purchase amount of my receipt(s)?
Yes, a minimum purchase of RM1 is needed to earn the minimum points.

10. What if there are eligible & ineligible item(s) on the same receipt?
Receipt(s) will not be approved.

11. What is the point calculation for a discounted purchase (inclusive of discount vouchers)?
Points earned will be the amount after discount.

12. What is the point calculation for using a cash voucher/ giftcard?
Points earned will be the full amount of purchase.


1. What can I redeem with my points earned from Manis?
We have 3 redemption categories that you may select from:
i. Physical voucher(s) : Eg Starbucks, AEON, H&M.
ii. Online voucher(s): Eg Hotlink, TuneTalk, Umobile.
iii. Cash voucher(s): Eg myNEWS.com, Espressolab, Asics.

2. How do I redeem a physical voucher?
Upon performing a physical voucher redemption on Manis, email the below information to (redemptions@ebizu.com) for further processing of your redeemed item:
i. Type of Voucher.
ii. Date of Redemption.
iii. Time of Redemption.
iv. Manis Registered Email Address.

3. How long will it take before I can receive and enjoy the physical voucher which I have redeemed?
Once we have received your redemption request via email (redemptions@ebizu.com), we will send you an acknowledgement email. It will take 7-10 working days for your voucher to be processed and mailed out to you.

4. What is the next step if the delivery of the physical voucher is unsuccessful?
You may email us at (redemptions@ebizu.com) and our Support Team will assist you accordingly.

5. How do I redeem an online voucher?
Select the voucher you would like to redeem and a QR code will appear with the top-up code. Key in the top-up code as per your telco service provider’s instructions on your mobile device.

6. What if I received an invalid top up code?
You may drop us an email at (redemptions@ebizu.com) m with the top-up code that you used, along with your Manis account details for further assistance.

7. What if there is no stock available for the online voucher I’d like to redeem?
We replenish telco reloads on a daily basis. Sometimes, due to high demand, it may deplete at a higher rate. However, you may attempt to redeem again after 24 hours. Alternatively, kindly opt for other redemption items.

8. How do I redeem a cash voucher?
To redeem a cash voucher, you must be at the merchant's location and make a minimum purchase in one receipt. Please follow the below guideline:
Tap on Rewards > “Free Vouchers” > Select your desired voucher > “Redeem” > “Swipe Here” to reveal the QR Code > Merchant scans the code > Enjoy your instant discount.

9. What should I do if my app crashes after redeeming a voucher and found that my points have been deducted?
Please email us at (redemptions@ebizu.com).

Referral Points

1. Will I benefit in any way if I referred my family & friends to join Manis?
Yes! You will be rewarded with referral points.

2. What are the terms to gain referral points?
The Invitee must use Manis for a minimum of 3 days, and perform at least one successful Snap&Earn transaction before your referral points can be awarded to you. You must share the link to the Invitee to enable him/ her to install Manis using your link.

3. What can I do if I did not receive my referral points?
Please get in touch with us via chat support or email at (support@getmanis.com).

Account Blocked/Suspended

1. Will my Manis account ever be blocked?
You are advised to read and accept Manis Terms & Conditions prior to using Manis. Any violations of our T&Cs may result in your account being temporarily suspended or permanently blocked. We also reserve the rights to claw back any points that you may have earned by means deviated from our T&Cs.

Technical Issues

1. What to do if my apps appear “Manis have stopped working”?
Try to uninstall and reinstall Manis. If that fails, please do check that your mobile device has been updated to the latest version. You may seek for assistance via email (support@getmanis.com) or via chat support.

Please contact us at support@getmanis.com
if you have any enquiries, complaints or feedback.